Company Profile:

Mexiko Foods Ghana is a Wholesaler and a Supplier of an array of products from Wheat Flour Tortilla to sauces and spices. We know the catering business like the back of our hands, we believe that whatever you purchase from us should be at a quality second to none. We believe in the long standing saying that “You get what you pay for”. That is why without compromising on quality, we have brought onto the Ghanaian market products that would pass the litmus test in Europe and around and at an affordable price. We would never put any product on the Ghanaian market if we don’t have faith in that product.

Méxiko Foods Ghana has been in business since 2015, with the initial idea to introduce Mexican products and effectively cater for the Mexican population in Ghana. After the initial success of our core Product, [Wheat Flour Tortilla] which we are proud to be the pioneers of in Ghana, we decided to branch out and add a few more items which were not easily found on the Ghanaian market. The introduction of Chipotle Chilies, Jalapenos, Guajillo Chilies were a real revolution.

Mexiko Foods Ghana, is working with suppliers who support Fairtrade and source their product from under the Fairtrade umbrella.

Some of our suppliers

In Europe

In Europe

In Asia

At the moment Mexiko Ghana is trading in over 70 lines from Premium Tortillas to Premium quality spices all sourced from around Europe, Asia and the Americas. Our aim at this present time is to educate the Ghanaian public to appreciate the quality in products and not just settle for mediocrity. As we move forward into the other Regions of Ghana, we aim to introduce food and Beverage Training to Chefs and Restaurateurs who are open to experimenting. We are proud of the products we bring into the country, for us in Mexiko Foods, it’s to “Drink Deep OR Taste Not”.

Our Model is not based on how much money we make in Ghana but on how much knowledge we can impart to the Ghanaian public.