Background of Mexiko Foods.

The journey of Mexiko foods started when I visited Ghana in 2015 and realised that, what has been advertised on restaurant menus as wraps were actually Lebanese breads. I looked around a bit more and had a chat with some industry experts, and that was when I realised that there was a lot of demand for Tortillas, but nobody was ready to take a chance on it. The lack of the product forced restaurants to use Syrian /Lebanese bread for their Wraps. At this point, we realised that some kind of education was needed in this beautiful country of ours. After digging further, I realised that not only did we not have Tortillas, but we knew nothing at all about Mexican cuisine. I set up on a journey to see what Ghanaians thought of the most versatile cuisine which had taken the Western world by storm.

To cut a long story short, we decided to be the pioneers of Mexican food in the country and so MexiKo Foods was born. We started by supplying Flour Tortillas and Fried Corn Chips[Nachos]. Later we saw that the interest being shown was even greater than we thought, so we started adding a few more products, different kinds of dried chilies, canned chilies, Canned beans, spices etc. At the moment we stock over 60 lines of products from 5 different countries but all under the umbrella of Mexican cuisine. Our core products, the Wheat tortilla, is known in Europe as the king of Tortillas in that it’s so durable and adaptable. You don’t need a Freezer, or Refrigerator to keep it fresh. Infact it was designed for the climate of Ghana and the inconsistency in our country during the DUMSOR Era. Right now, any Tom/Dick or Harry can pick up a packet of tortilla and make a meal out of it.

What does the future hold for Mexiko:

We are on the verge of acquiring a distributorship with a large foreign based company to champion their products in Ghana. We are also in the process of setting up a chain of eateries to educate the Ghanaian public about the usage and potential of Tortilla.